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Special events: birthdays, wedding anniversaries, important events

from 70 PLN per person
- Welcoming the guests with a glass of lemon liqueur, produced by us - served by waiter at the entrance - 6 PLN/person
- Welcoming guests a glass of champagne - served by waiter - 5 PLN/person

Appetizer: 15 PLN/person
  • Salmon gravlax/Citrus fruit/Corn salad
  • Smoked duck fillet/Salad mix/Horseradish
  • Chicken Pâté/Toast/Pomegranate
  • Caprese salad with chips and olives
  • Shrimp/Switch Chili

Cream soup: 9 PLN/person
  • mushroom cream soup with croutons
  • corn cream soup with popcorn
  • tomato cream soup with a blob of sour cream and fresh basil
  • beetroot cream soup
  • sweet potato cream soup with black olive oil

Platter of meat, with ingredients to choose - 35 PLN/person
•    Silesian roulade in gravy
•    Foreman's cutlet  
•    Pork De'volaille
•    Roasted duck leg with apples and oranges
•    Larded roast pork
•    Highlander's pork chop baked with ham and cheese

Raw salads and side dishes

Desserts: 12 PLN/person

-Creme Brulee
-Chocolate brownie
-Strawberry meringue

Hot suppers 25 PLN/person

•     roasted ribs in barbecue sauce, roasted potatoes, fried cabbage
•     pork tenderloins/porcini mushrooms/caramelized beetroots
•     salmon/roast potatoes/spinach
•     pork neck roasted in honey/dumplings/beetroot salad

One-Pot Supper 15 PLN/person - to choose:

•    bogracs gulyas with dumplings
•    traditional Polish sour soup
•    beff stroganoff
•   red borscht with croquette

Cold platter Package 20 PLN/person

  • Cold cuts/cheeses

  • Pâtés produced by us
  • Greek salad
  • Country-style herring fillet
  • Vegetable pickles

Buffet: Coffee, tea 10 PLN/person

Drinks 1.2 l/person: Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up, juices, water in jugs with lemon and mint 15 PLN/person

  •   Draught Pilsner Urquell beer in beer mugs  0.5 l / 7 PLN
  •   Vodka 0.5 l 40 PLN/bottle
  •   Wine 50 PLN/bottle

I also recommend Alcohol Package - 4 hours/50 PLN/person

Draught Tyskie beer, red wine and white semi-dry wine, Wyborowa Vodka

+ whisky 20 PLN/person

 We additionally recommend:

DJ party event - 800zł

3 hours highlander band performance - 800zł


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