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Communion package 

From 80 PLN per person

The offer includes:


Main course - 2 portions of meat per person

Raw salads - 3 to choose

Great selection of side dishes                                                                                        

Seasonal fruit compote

Buffet: coffee/tea  

Cold platter rich and varied

Raw salads - 3 to choose

Drinks (1,2 l/person )


  •  Broth with noodle

Main course-  2 portions of meat per person

·       Silesia roulade in gravy

·         Chopsticks after logs

·         Pork  De’volaille

·         Roasted chicken leg

·         Larded roast pork

·         Roasted pork burger with ham and cheese

Raw salads

- 3 do wyboru

·       red cabbage salad

·       celery with raisins salad

·       beetroot salad with horseradish

·       beetroot salad with horseradish

·      carrot and orange salad

·       cucumber salad

Side dishes

·        dumplings

·        potatoes

·        gravy

·        baked potato with rosemary            


Fruit compote

Buffet: coffee/tea

Zimna płyta

·        Meat cuts platter

·        Platter of European and Polish cheeses,

·        Platter of roasted meat

·        Chicken chaudfroid

·        Pork pâté served with cranberry conserve and cherry chutney

·        Tortilla with smoked salmon served on rucola

·        Vegetable pickles,



- 3 to chose

·        Cooked vegetable salad

·        Broccoli salad

·        Waldorf salad (celery head/nuts/raisins) 

·        Leek salad

·        Greek salad

·        Mozzarella with tomatoes/basil/balsamic cream sauce

·        Rice with chicken salad/paprika mix/corn

Drinks(1,2 l/person )

·        Fruit juices, Mineral water, Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite  

We additionally recommend:

Chocolate fountain 800 zł
Wine for dinner 5 PLN/person
Ice cream dessert 12 PLN/person
Fruit platter7 PLN/perso
Pies, cookies and cake 15 PLN/person
Hot dishes:15 PLN - 25 PLN/person


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