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Organize a barbecue banquet for your employees in our ranch..

From 75 PLN/person

Barbecue package 75 PLN/person

- grilled meat
- cold plate
- spring, barbecue salads
-draft beer in beer mugs

package for a minimum of 6 people

Unforgettable atmosphere - great fun.

Package details:

Barbecue event:

-Chicken breast marinated in fresh thyme  

-Marinated pork ribs  

Marinated pork neck steak  

-Black pudding roasted in foil with an addition of bacon and sauerkraut  

-Small barbecue sausages 


 Cold platter and barbecue snacks:  

- platter of cold cuts, cheeses, vegetable pickles , 

- spring and barbecue salads

Draught beer in beer mugs 0.5 l

and during the barbecue event...

  • performance of highlander band - 800 PLN
  • assault by highlanders - 700 PLN
  • Russian banya - 600 PLN
  • sauna - 350 PLN


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