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All-day family picnic with competitions for adults and animations for children

from: 70 PLN per person

Adults: 70zl

·         Non alcoholic beverages without limit,

·        black pudding

·         Pork neck

·         Chicken breast grilled ,

·         Chicken skewer,

·        cheese oscypek,

·         Fresh vegetables

·         Bouquet of fresh lettuce

·        tzatyki,

·         Spring salads

Children: 45zł

·        Non alcoholic beverages without limit,

·        Fruit skewers

·         Burning fire on fruit with foam

·         Baked bananas with chocolate

·         Grilling fruit: watermelons, pineapples, peaches, pears depending on seasonality

Picnic Attractions:
  • Inflatable
  • Animators for fun for children
  • Painting smilies
  • Hay figures
  • Stand with cotton candy and popcorn
  • Competitions for adults
  • Beach volleyball, tennis
  • Horse carriage rides


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